Multi-purpose Game, Hunting,

Trail Camera 350C

Multi-purpose Game, Hunting, Trail Camera 350C

• 0.4 Trigger Speed
• 22MP Images
• Dynamic Video
• Timelapse Plus Camera Mode
• Simple Slide Switch set-up

• 0.4 Trigger Speed• 22MP Images
• Dynamic Video• Timelapse Plus Camera Mode
• Simple Slide Switch set-up

Capture More, Show More

With a trigger angle of 80°, lens angle of 100°, trigger distance of 65 ft, WingHome 350C Trail Camera can capture more with wider range. With the leading infrared technology, that is, 58 infrared lights and 65ft's night vision distance, it is completely able to take great night vision photos. It won’t frighten the animals when shooting and it is hardly to be found.

Fast Continuous Shooting, Grasp Wonderful Instant

Grasp Wonderful Instant

It is conceivable of getting 5 pictures of a series of coherent movements with WingHome 350C Trail Camera. It features an incredible 0.4s trigger speed and makes it possible to grasp every single moment.
So to speak, you can see clearly the subtle and quick move of the leopard, when it jumps in the air.

With 0.4s superfast trigger time, WingHome Trail Camera 290C is quite capable of shooting up to 7 pictures in just one minute. You won’t miss any wonderful moment happening in the wild.

Super HD Photos and Videos with Details

WingHome 350C Trail Camera records 1080p HD videos with sound and takes 12MP high quality images. Camera power, moon phase, temperature, data and time are watermarked on the images,
so that you can get the detailed information to know the certain condition during the image shoot.

Browse Pictures in Time through the 2 inch LCD Screen

You are allowed to view and delete pictures and even play the videos directly on the camera through the featured 2 inch LCD screen.

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